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You use clunky software or paper and pencil to write practices

Other swim teams are improving faster and saving time by using Commit, the world's #1 swimming workout manager, to track their training.


With binders filled with paper, you have nothing stored digitally 

You search through papers to figure out what sets you did last June. You are not confident in why your taper didn't work this season. And it would take you days of work to tell me how much volume each one of your swimmers did every week of the year for the past 12 months. And there is no chance you know what % of that training volume was kick vs. quality stroke work vs. threshold work. You can't improve if you don't track in a simple way.


You can't stand the clunky swimming software you've tried in the past

I get it. You have had bad experiences with other swimming software. You just want the ease of writing sets on paper. But here's the thing, you'll immediately feel the ease and simplicity with Commit, even if you usually hate trying new products. It literally feels like writing a workout in a Word document. 


You can't expect to lead your team into 2021 tracking training the old fashioned way

Swimming is getting fast. Scary fast. Teams that have adopted Commit's workout management suite have seen improved training quality, faster swimming, more coach collaboration, and increased swimmer engagement. The truth is, you need every edge you can get.  

Write your workouts naturally

Are you tired of trying 'workout management' software that ends up causing you frustration and wasting your valuable time? And, now you're back to good 'ole paper and pencil? We don't blame you... until now, that is. Commit lets you type workouts naturally and maintains their character. No more clicking and selecting items to fill out a bunch of boxes. As you write your workout, Commit's proprietary algorithm structures the workout data for you. All you have to do is type. It saves you frustration, binders of paper, and most importantly, time.

Discover trends in your training.

Do you ever wonder if your team's training is actually in-line with your season plan? Are there hidden trends in your workout designs? Commit's dashboard answers these questions. View training volume by strokes, types, and intensity levels over time.  With Commit, you can analyze your dashboard for specific athletes, taking into account attendance and the exact sets that swimmer did in each workout. Use this powerful, easy to use tool to help your team reach its full potential.Uses a span

In Commit, everything is everywhere


Take control of your pool deck with Commit's apps for iOS and Android. No need to burry your head in your phone all practice, but Commit is there for those few minutes you need it. Take attendance, quickly and easily modify the workout, take some notes about the practice so you don't forget. Everything you need for your workout is on one screen. Commit is designed with your time in mind, so you can get back to what you do best... coaching. Now when practice ends, you can get home to your family or meet up with friends right away without wasting extra time in the office. Whatever you do on one device is reflected everywhere.  So when you're at home, organize your practices into folders, write tomorrow's workout, and email the pdf of your workout to your other coaches for the morning. Commit is flexible. Use it how you want to and where you want to without worrying about issues syncing across devices. It just works.

Swim Teams Change for the Better in 6 ways when they use Commit

1. You become more organized

“I’m definitely more organized”
“I am more organized and in control.”
“Practice is more organized. Easy to write workouts with the amount of time in practice”
“workouts run more smoothly”

2. You save valuable time

“Having used TeamUnify in the past I like the simplicity of Commit, while still having powerful features”
“Saves time by calculating practice time and yardage easily”
“Commit offers the ability to prep and organize for practice which in turn allows me more time to interact with and coach my athletes.”
“It is user-friendly:-) and saves me a lot of time”
“Saves time!”
“Ability to log workouts has become a lot easier”
“Saves time by calculating practice time and yardage easily”

3. You develop more staff synergy and collaboration  

“It’s easy to write workouts and be able to have all our coaches access them.”
“Our staff is more organized and the seasons run more smoothly when they can not only see their season planned out but also track it daily.”
“Much easier to share workouts with other coaches, especially if you are off deck and have an assistant running the group.”
“With the whole coaching staff on commit really helps us streamline our workouts”
“Easier to share ideas”

4. You see better training quality 

“It has been easier to address weaknesses in the training program”
“More organized, better practice structure and variety”
“My seasons have become much more analytical, in that I am better able to track yardages and efforts.”
“Better quality control of team programming & athlete development”
“Forces me to be more precise in my training plan.”

5. Your swimmers literally swim faster 

The program broke 17 school records this season, and the top 4 most “talented” in the program amassed more than 40-lifetime bests between them so I believe commit allows me to see the big picture while writing a workout and make the workout challenging mentally, physically and also social.”
“It also has helped significantly with rest and taper by providing the stress score of the workouts. The stress score has definitely played a big role in our rest meets.”
“Workouts often don’t repeat, yardage is more consistent, tapers seems to work better.”
“More consistent performances across multiple seasons. The ability to reflect on and adjust sets over time.”

6. Your swimmers show increased engagement

 “Swimmers pay more attention to workouts”
“Swimmers are more engaged.”
“Athletes are interested in workouts”
“My swimmers love the app. I've definitely noticed a higher percentage of focused age-groupers since using Commit.”

How coaches are using Commit to save time and improve their teams

How Florida State is Using 
Commit Swimming to Streamline
the Way They Write Workouts

Happy Customers

"Commit is great, especially when you have multiple coaches trying to track the workouts of different groups training at the same time. It makes it easy to keep track of the planning."

Emma Svensson
Florida State University Read the Case Study

How a Head Coach is Creating
Better Workouts in Less Time
Using Commit Swimming

Happy Customers

"Commit Swimming definitely improves the quality of my workouts and helps me be more efficient with my time."

Stephen Clendenin
Nation's Capitol Swim Club Read the Case Study

You deserve to be dazzled by Commit's product and service

Saves you time

You will be amazed at Commit's simplicity. Almost all coaches using Commit say it saves them time.

Improves your team

Commit swim teams cite higher quality training, increased staff collaboration, improved swimmer engagement, and faster swimmer after switching to Commit.

Easy to switch from paper and pencil

Coaches from all over the world, of all ages, and all backgrounds find it simple to transition from paper and pencil to Commit.

10 day free trial - No credit card required

Commit comes with a FREE trial for your entire coaching staff. You can sign up today with no credit card required.

Web and mobile apps for coaches and swimmers

Commit's platform includes web-based software, mobile apps for coaches and for your swimmers.

Quality customer support

More than 80% of Commit users say our customer support is "significantly better" than other swimming software companies

Get organized and stay that way with Commit


For head coaches 

Everything in one place for your team. Invite your fellow coaches to join your team and get up and running. It is the fastest and simplest way to get organized as a staff without all the normal headaches of that come with setting up traditional swimming software. Transparent pricing. No setup fees. No need to talk to a sales rep. Just sign up, invite, and go!


For assistant coaches

With Commit, you can invite your assistant coaches! Your team's planning, training, results, and attendance are all now fully transparent with the entire staff. As an assistant, you can easily take attendance with Commit's mobile app and hold intelligent conversations with swimmers and their parents about training data.


For swimmers

Invite your athletes to join your team on Commit. After clicking the invite link and entering their password, all your swimmers will have access to their recent workout history. Each and every athlete on your roster will take control of their training with this powerful tool.

Customize your swimming lingo in Commit

No matter what swimming terms you include in your workouts, Commit's algorithm adapts to what you want to track.


Create your training groups

Workouts in Commit can be written for one training group, two groups, or even the whole team.


Customize your terminology

Add your own "strokes", swim "types", and "intensity" scales so Commit's algorithm can understand your workouts.


Write workouts for your groups and with your lingo 

When you're done making Commit "your own", it feels like Commit is a really smart assistant coach who understands your swimming brain :).

Take Charge of the Care You Receive

Workout and performance management everywhere

Use Commit to collaborate with your entire coaching staff on any device.

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