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Your current team website is clunky and outdated


Your website radiates your brand. First impressions are everything. Without a website that shows and tells the story for your club in a positive light, potential new swim families will walk away.

Use Commit’s Team Suite and no one will ever question your team’s brand again.


New families interact with your team through technology more than ever before. We built simple, yet powerful team management software for your families, so that you can focus on what you do best and can leave the tech to us.

Switch now and "wow" your families in 2022

👎 Without Commit Team Suite

  • Your website looks like it was designed in 2007
  • Families are frustrated with your technology
  • You are frustrated with your technology
  • Your bank account is depleted from technology fees and dues

👍 With Commit Team Suite

  • Your team site is modern and portrays your brand strongly
  • Families are impressed with simplicity of your team’s technology
  • You spend so much less time in front of the computer
  • Your bank account is full because we grow with you

Serve your families better with Commit’s Team Suite

Simple roster management

Manage the people on your club with ease. Tag swimmers and families to groups, move swimmers to "inactive", update contact information, all with Commit's simple interface.

Schedule swim team events with ease

One centralized team calendar with program registrations and swim meets automagically linked. Communicate easily directly from your calendar for an event.

Powerful meet entry system

No more cumbersome swim meet entry software. Commit's Team Suite makes it simple for coaches and parents to enter kids into events for upcoming meets.

Manage your team's website

Managing your team's website so it attracts new families to your swim club has never been easier. With website "blocks" designed just for your swim team, Commit Team Suite helps you stand out!

Communicate with your families rapidly

Message your families on Commit easily with updates or requests for information. Send messages directly to one person, message the whole club, or only swimmers attending a certain event.

Securely process payments online

The Commit Team Suite runs on Stripe - a company dedicated to billing and payments software. Your billing processes will be easier to understand for families and more secure with Commit.

See if Commit Team Suite is right for you

Upgrade your team management softwareoff of TeamUnify or Active.

White glove onboarding service when you subscribe to an annual plan.